Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson

DCI Alan Banks is the lead detective on the murder case of fellow officer, DI Bill Quinn. Quinn was killed by an arrow that pierced his heart while he was a resident at St. Peter's, a place for police officers to convalesce. While going through Quinn's room at St. Peter's, Banks finds some photos of Quinn with a young woman in a compromising position. Quinn had recently become a widower, but the photos are not that new and Quinn looks like he possibly could have been drugged. Banks wonders if they have anything to do with his death. Banks and his team delve into Quinn's old cases, looking for anyone that might be holding a grudge. What they find is the unsolved disappearance of a young woman named Rachel Hewitt, who disappeared in Tallinn, Estonia six years ago while on a girl's weekend with friends. Her parents believe she's still alive--and not finding Rachel was considered Quinn's biggest disappointment. What, if anything, could Rachel or the photos have to do with Quinn's murder? Watching the Dark is the latest book in the Inspector Banks series. Unfortunately, the mystery is not very complex and there's not anything else in the book to compensate for that fact. Let's hope the next book is up to the great standards of In a Dry Season or Strange Affair.

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