Sunday, September 22, 2019

Remembering the Dead by Elizabeth J. Duncan

Spa owner Penny Brannigan finds herself drawn into another mystery when the famous Black Chair awarded to Welsh poet Hedd Wyn goes missing during a dinner party at Ty Brith Hall. When one of the waiters is found dead and a local resident is injured, Penny and her circle of friends scour the party guest list for possible suspects and ponder who could possibly want the Black Chair for their own. Remembering the Dead is a great read-alike for the mysteries of M.C. Beaton.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

When successful lawyer Marin Bishop is contacted by a woman named Rachel saying they are sisters, she is skeptical, because her parents have been married for many years. However, when Marin is fired from her job after having a relationship with a co-worker, she takes Rachel up on the offer to travel to Provincetown to meet their grandmother, Amelia, who runs an inn on the island. They are joined by Marin's mother, Blythe, who wants to support her daughter with this sudden news (and also get away, since her husband, Kip, has just asked for a divorce). The Forever Summer follows the stories of Marin, Rachel, Blythe, Amelia and her partner, Kelly, as they come to terms with relationships both new and old. A great beach read, especially for those who love Elin Hilderbrand.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Sisters of Summit Avenue by Lynn Cullen

In 1930's Indiana, Ruth lives on a farm with her husband John, her mother Dorothy, and her four daughters. John has been pretty much bedridden for the last eight years and Ruth has been running the farm on her own along with Nick, a farmhand. Ruth's older sister June lives with her husband Richard, a doctor, on one of the grandest streets in St. Paul. June also has a job working at the Betty Crocker test kitchen as one of the many "Bettys." The sisters' relationship has been strained ever since Ruth married John, who was originally June's boyfriend. The Sisters of Summit Avenue details the lives of Dorothy, June, and Ruth through childhood memories, teenage reminiscences, and their feelings about each other now. Will these women be able to put the pain and secrets of the past behind them in order to support each other when they need it most? The novel offers an in-depth view into women's lives during the time.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Queen's Accomplice by Susan Elia MacNeal

In 1942, a serial killer is brutally murdering young women who work for the SOE (Special Operations Executive) in London. As an agent in the SOE, Maggie Hope takes the deaths of these women to heart, especially when she sees firsthand that the women of the SOE are not given the same rights as their male counterparts, even though their work is just as dangerous. Maggie then finds herself working with DCI James Durgin from Scotland Yard to try and find the killer, who is modelling his work on Jack the Ripper. In her personal life, Maggie awaits the arrival of her half-sister Elise Hess, whom the British government is trying to smuggle out of Germany, but the mission is fraught with danger and death to those in Elise's life. The Queen's Accomplice is the sixth book in the Maggie Hope series.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sins of the Fathers by J.A. Jance

Retired police detective J.P. Beaumont is now a licensed private investigator. An old acquaintance named Alan Dale visits Beau with his granddaughter, Athena, and asks for his help in locating his daughter, Naomi, so he can ask her to sign over her parental rights to Athena because Naomi is homeless and is a drug addict. Beau misses working on cases and readily agrees. Beau is startled, though, when he sees a picture of Naomi, who looks very much like his daughter, Kelly, and realizes that Naomi is probably his daughter from a one night stand he had with Naomi's mother years ago. With all the connections that Beau has built up on the streets and in law enforcement, finding Naomi is an easy task—but unraveling the personal relationships of all involved, and even a few possible murders, is more complex. Sins of the Fathers is the latest book in the long-running J.P. Beaumont series. It will be published later this month.