Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Bookshop on the Shore by Jenny Colgan

Zoe is sick of being broke and living in a noisy, cramped London apartment with her young son, Hari. When the chance comes to move to Scotland and work both as a nanny and running a mobile bookstore, Zoe decides to make the move. Even though the countryside is beautiful, Zoe has a hard time of it. As a live-in nanny at the Beeches, she finds the children quite a handful, since their father keeps to himself and their mother disappeared awhile ago. Also, the regular customers of the bookshop have not taken kindly to someone taking over the business from their beloved Nina, who is out on maternity leave. Slowly, Zoe finds her own way of working and things begin to turn around. However, when Hari's dad, Jaz ,visits and insists that Zoe and Hari move back to London so he can find them a better place to live, Zoe feels she must agree, because she feels Hari needs to be around his father. Is this really the right choice for Zoe and Hari? The Bookshop on the Shore is sequel to Colgan's The Bookshop on the Corner which featured Nina as the main character.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer of '69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Thirteen-year-old Jessie is not looking forward to spending the summer on Nantucket with her mom, Kate, and grandmother, Exalta. She desperately misses her older brother, Tiger, who is fighting in Vietnam, and her two older sisters, Blair and Kirby, who won't be there either. Blair is staying in Boston because she's expecting her first child with her husband, Angus, an MIT professor, and Kirby is working on Martha's Vineyard. Summer of '69 is told through the eyes of Jessie, Kate, Blair, and Kirby as they navigate their lives through a summer of change. The 1960's setting was a welcome recharge for this longtime Hilderbrand reader.

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Right Sort of Man by Allison Montclair

In London after World War II, Iris Sparks and Gwen Bainbridge operate The Right Sort Marriage Bureau, which is a matchmaking service. When one of their clients Tillie is murdered, and Dickie, the man they set Tillie up with, is arrested for the crime, Iris and Gwen take it upon themselves to try and find the killer because they know Dickie is innocent. They also know the scandal of the crime could ruin their business. Luckily, Iris worked undercover during the war, and those skills come in handy, as can having a partner like Gwen, who also can think fast on her feet. The Right Sort of Man is a breezy, cozy mystery with colorful characters. Give to readers who enjoy Jacqueline Winspear, Susan Elia MacNeal, and Alexander McCall Smith.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner

Penny lives with her mother, Emma, in the Hamptons and treasures her time with Henry Wyatt, a famous artist who has made Sag Harbor his home. When Henry dies and leaves his estate, most importantly, his home Windsong, to Penny, Henry's old friend, Bea, is furious. Years ago, she and Henry agreed that when he passed away, Windsong would be turned into a museum. Bea also wonders why Henry would give his estate to a teenage girl. Leaving Manhattan, Bea arrives at Windsong, vowing not to leave until the home is in her hands. Emma is not happy with Bea's appearance, but has her hands full. She is helping Penny manage her OCD, has a job at the American Hotel and must adapt to their newfound wealth. Drawing Home is the story of Emma, Penny, and Bea and how Henry's bequest changes their lives. It's a perfect read-alike for the novels of Elin Hilderbrand.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Keep You Close by Karen Cleveland

As a single mother, Stephanie, has given everything to her career in the FBI, and missed countless events in her teenage son Zachary's life. When she finds a gun in his bedroom, Stephanie wonders what Zachary has gotten messed up in and if she's to blame. When fellow FBI agent and former boyfriend, Scott, tells Stephanie that Zachary might be involved with a terrorist group, she is stunned. She wonders if it's true or if someone is trying to set him up. Keep You Close follows Stephanie's journey to get to the bottom of what's really going on... I really enjoyed Cleveland's first novel, Need to Know, this one, however, was a miss for me.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Almost Midnight by Paul Doiron

When Mike gets a message that his best friend, Billy, needs to see him, Mike travels to the prison where Billy is incarcerated. Billy tells Mike that he needs to find out about one of the prison guards named Dawn Richie. Mike is reluctant because Billy has been unreliable with his suspicions in the past. Soon after, there is a fight at the prison where Billy is stabbed as he saves Dawn Richie's life. Mike wonders what's really going on at the facility and decides to delve into the case. In addition, Mike gets a call that the wolf-dog he had bonded with has been shot and is near death. Mike is despondent about the possible loss of Shadow and decides to try and track Shadow's mate to see if she is safe. In Almost Midnight, the reader is immersed in the wilds of Maine and Mike's group of friends. The book will be published next month.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ellie and the Harpmaker by Hazel Prior

When Ellie happens upon Dan and his barn full of harps, she finds her life changed. Stuck in a marriage with her controlling husband, Clive, Dan's relaxed manner and his love of nature are what Ellie's been needing in her life. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Dan is gorgeous and gives her one of his harps for her to learn to play. However, Ellie is keeping secret from Clive the fact that she is spending time with Dan and taking harp lessons because she knows Clive will be upset. As Dan's and Ellie's lives become entwined, Ellie will have to make some important choices. Give to readers who enjoyed The Rosie Project. It will be published in August.