Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beach Town by Mary Kay Andrews

Greer Hennessey is looking for the perfect Florida small town for a movie shoot. As a movie location scout, she's trying to redeem herself after her last job ended in disaster. Greer zeroes in on Cypress Key, which the director of the movie proclaims is perfect. Soon, Greer finds herself falling for the mayor, Eb Thibadeaux, but Greer is leery of getting involved with anyone--she's busy enough juggling her job, her sorrow at the recent passing of her mother, and the apprehension of reconnecting with the father she barely knows. Mixing her trademark light humor with a bit of romance, along with the relationships between the characters, Andrews has written another enjoyable beach read.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Run You Down by Julia Dahl

Pessie Goldin's death is assumed to be suicide, but her husband believes she was murdered. However, since they come from an ultra-Orthodox community which forbids an autopsy, the police have let the case go cold. Reporter Rebekah Roberts finds herself meeting with Pessie's husband and agreeing to look into the case, since she's familiar with the Hasidic community and recently had success with a similar case. Rebekah comes face to face with her own past when it appears that her uncle Sam, whom she has never met, has a connection to Pessie. He is the brother of Rebekah's mother, Aviva, who left Rebekah with her father when she was a baby and disappeared. Will Rebekah find justice for Pessie and also be reunited with her mother? Run You Down is the second book in the Rebekah Roberts series and was just a so-so read, because the story was so similar to the mystery in the first book. It will be published next month.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the Dark Places by Peter Robinson

When a farmer's tractor is stolen and blood is found on the floor of an abandoned hangar, the police joke about how insignificant the crimes are. But soon DI Annie Cabbot is dealing with a missing person named Michael Lane, who could have a connection to the tractor and DS Winsome Jackman's bloodstains appear to be related to Michael too. With their boss, DCI Banks, in charge, the detectives soon find themselves immersed in much more serious cases.  With this latest entry in the long-running series, Robinson puts the focus on the female detectives Annie and Winsome, and lets Banks take a back seat.  It works well, along with an intriguing mystery. "In the Dark Places" will be published in August.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Slated for Death by Elizabeth J. Duncan

When preparing for a local concert to be held in a closed slate mine, organizer Glenda Roberts is murdered. Spa owner Penny Brannigan agrees to take over the event and finds herself involved in the case when Glenda's mother, Doreen (also Penny's friend), is found dead. Could the crimes be related to Glenda's sister, Rebeccah, selling knock-off products in her market stall, or might they have something to do with the workers in the mines years ago? In this sixth book in the Penny Brannigan series, set in Wales,  Duncan writes a mystery that would be a great read-alike for people who enjoy M.C. Beaton.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand

Novelist Madeline King is suffering from writer's block, so when her best friend, Grace, confesses an affair with landscape gardener, Benton Coe, Madeline can't resist using Grace's story as the basis for a new novel. Grace is basking in Benton's attention, despite being married to Eddie and having twin teen daughters, Allegra and Hope. Eddie, meanwhile, is preoccupied with the financial situation he's gotten himself into. In the process of building three houses, he doesn't have enough money to finish them and, as a real estate agent, he hasn't sold a house in many months. Desperate, Eddie makes a business decision that's against the law, which makes him even more stressed. Set on the island of Nantucket, The Rumor explores the relationships between Madeline, Grace, and Eddie, along with Allegra and Hope. While I enjoyed the book, there was something missing that puts it a level below Hilderbrand's great novels, like BarefootThe Island, and Silver Girl. It will be published in June.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Take You by Eliza Kennedy

In one week, New York lawyer Lily Wilder is getting married in her hometown of Key West.  The big question on everyone's mind is "should she?" Even though she loves her fiancee, Will, she can't remain faithful to him. I Take You follows Lily along with her family and friends in the frantic and festive days leading up to the nuptials. From the parties and future in-laws meetings to Lily's involvement in a case for work that could ruin her career, the novel is filled with humor, quirky characters and heart. A breezy, fun read similar to Bridget Jones's Diary and the novels of Sophie Kinsella. It will be published in May.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Wednesday Group by Sylvia True

Five women find themselves joining a therapy group because their husbands are sex addicts. There's Gail, a judge, whose husband is tempted by his female students, and Hannah, whose young daughter, Alicia, is acting out because of the uneasiness of her parents' marriage. Rounding out the group are Flavia, whose husband has been arrested for groping someone on the subway, and Bridget and Lizzy, who both are struggling with anger and frustration towards their husbands and worry if the men are being honest. With therapist Kathryn to guide the weekly meetings, the women slowly confide in each other about their lives and emotions and find themselves forming a bond.  A good read-alike for The School of Essential Ingredients and The Friday Night Knitting Club.