Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan

In this sequel to The Cafe by the Sea, Flora is enjoying how much pleasure her cafe brings to the residents of Mure, but is worried about her business staying afloat financially. She also wishes her boyfriend, Joel, would spend more time at home rather than flying around the globe in his job as an overworked lawyer, to island millionaire, Colton. Her best friend, schoolteacher Lorna, meanwhile is fond of the local doctor Syrian refugee, Saif, who wonders constantly about the fate of his wife and two young boys back home. While these two storylines dominant The Endless Beach, the reader gets to catch up on the lives of all the residents in this cozy tale.

Friday, June 15, 2018

News of the World by Paulette Jiles

In 1870, Captain Jefferson Kidd is asked to return ten-year-old Johanna Leonberger to her aunt and uncle. Four years ago, Johanna was kidnapped by the Kiowa tribe, the rest of her immediate family brutally murdered. Now, the Kiowa have traded her to the U.S. Army for blankets and silverware. However, Johanna doesn't remember anything or anyone from her life before she was taken. Taking a journey fraught with danger and dealing with the unpredictability of Johanna is quite a challenge for the 71-year-old Captain Kidd, but slowly, during the long trip through the middle of Texas, they bond, and Kidd is able to teach Johanna some aspects of how the white people live. With lots of details of daily life at the time and a descriptive setting, News of the World is an intriguing tale. Give to people who enjoyed Jim Fergus' One Thousand White Women and Nancy Turner's These Is My Words.

P is for Peril by Sue Grafton

Kinsey is hired by Fiona Purcell whose ex-husband, Dow, disappeared two months ago. Dow is now married to the much younger Crystal which upsets Fiona to no end. Fiona doesn't believe the police are doing a good job, so that's why she has hired a private detective. Dow is the medical director at a senior living residence called Pacific Meadows. After a little investigating, Kinsey finds out that the facility is under investigation for Medicaid fraud. Could Dow have disappeared with loads of money or did he come to a sinister end? Suspects and motives abound for Kinsey. In addition, she's found the perfect office to move into, but is the place too good to be true? What a satisfying book, made all the more bittersweet by Grafton's death last year.

Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

In 1969, famous actress Miranda Schulyer returns to Winthrop Island after an eighteen year absence. In 1951, as an eighteen-year-old, she first visited the island when her mother was about to marry wealthy Hugh Fisher. On the island, Miranda was introduced to an opulent lifestyle as a summer resident living at Greyfriars, the Fisher estate. During that fateful summer, Joseph Vargas was sent to prison for murdering Hugh--and now Joseph has escaped from prison. Everyone is wondering where he is, especially the authorities and Miranda, who fell in love with Joseph all those years ago and has maintained his innocence. In the Summer Wives, forty years of the lives of the Vargas' and the Fishers are explored as the reader gets to know both families' secrets. Now, with Joseph on the run, will Miranda be reunited with the true love of her life?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

Twenty-one-year-old Hal is all on her own in the world, broke and making a living reading people's fortunes on the pier in Brighton. When she receives a letter from a lawyer saying that she is one of the beneficiaries of her grandmother's will, she is perplexed since her grandparents died years ago. But with a loan shark threatening to harm her, she decides to travel to Cornwall and pass herself off as the Harriet Westaway named in the will. The Westaway home, Trepassen House, is an old manor house in need of repair and the housekeeper, Mrs. Warren is old and creepy, but the family members embrace Hal as their long lost relative. Yet, as she spends time there, questions form in Hal's mind about her possible connection to the Westaways and if she really should be deceiving them. Soon, she finds herself with more questions and suspicions than ever...

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Necklace by Claire McMillan

When Nell's Aunt Loulou passes away, Nell heads to the Quincy estate in Cleveland from her home in Oregon. Nell's mother (now deceased) and father moved out west years ago, because they found being around the wealthy Quincy family too stifling. At the reading of the will, Nell is named executor of the estate and is bequeathed a necklace that is unaccounted for. Then, in cleaning out Loulou's bedroom, Nell finds a necklace containing a giant sapphire with nine other jewels. Feeling that this is the necklace that is mentioned in the will, Nell goes about finding out its history, but other family members attempt to control what happens to it. Told in alternating chapters, the reader follows the contemporary story of Nell and her relatives, along with the 1920's tale of brothers Ethan and Ambrose Quincy and the woman they both loved, May. The Necklace is an engaging story filled with details of old wealth and of times gone by. Give to readers who enjoy Lauren Willig's standalone novels.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Need to Know by Karen Cleveland

Vivian works for the CIA as a counterintelligence analyst focusing on Russia, trying to uncover their spies in the United States. One day, while doing her work, she finds information that hits close to home and leads her to question the last ten years of her life. Not really knowing who she can trust or turn to puts her on edge, especially when her children's lives are threatened. Need to Know is a fast-paced tale for readers who enjoyed Chris Pavone's The Expats and the television show The Americans. It's also the perfect book for your summer beach bag.