Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Doll by Taylor Stevens

When Munroe is taken away by an ambulance after crashing her motorcycle outside Bradford's office, he immediately becomes uneasy.  Bradford's worst fears are confirmed when Munroe's wallet is found at a local emergency room, but she's nowhere to be found. Certain that she's been kidnapped, Bradford and his colleagues try to determine where she's gone. The people that have taken Munroe have severely injured her best friend, Logan, in order to get Munroe to agree to their demand:  deliver famous actress Neeva Eckridge (already in the captors' custody) to a man who wants to keep her as his personal prisoner.  Munroe agrees to complete the task, but only to protect Logan and others close to her.  Can Munroe be comfortable sacrificing Neeva and following the rules set out for her?  In this third novel in the Munroe series, Stevens constructs the novel differently than the first two, having Bradford and his team be a big part of the action and having Munroe join the story later. It works well and gives the series a welcome freshness.  The Doll will be published in June.

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