Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Suspect by Robert Crais

After almost being killed in a shootout, L.A. cop Scott James is haunted by his partner's death, struggling to overcome his injuries, and determined to find out who was responsible.
Focused on still working for the LAPD, he decides to work as a K-9 officer, but things aren't going too well until he meets Maggie, a dog who suffers from PTSD from her time in Afghanistan, where her handler was killed. Scott feels a closeness with Maggie, since she limps like he does and he is driven to help her succeed as a K-9 dog.  Maggie also helps Scott heal and is indispensable in aiding him in his quest to find the killers. In Suspect, Crais has created another absorbing page turner.  He is able to combine interesting characters in Scott and Maggie (yes, we do get her point of view) with a nail-bitter of a story.  One of his best...

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