Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Burning Air by Erin Kelly

The MacBrides are gathering at Far Barn, the family's second home in Devon, to scatter the ashes of matriarch Lydia, who died of cancer. Attending are Lydia's husband, Rowan, and his three children--Sophie, Tara, and Felix, who arrive with their families.  Everyone is worried about Sophie, who suffered postpartum depression when she had her last child.  When Felix's girlfriend, Kerry, offers to watch baby Edie so Sophie can go with the family to a local celebration in town, all encourage her to accept Kerry's offer.  Sophie reluctantly agrees, but is beside herself with worry and panic when she gets back to the house and finds both Kerry and Edie gone.  What the MacBrides don't know (but the reader does) is that someone is holding them responsible for ruining their childhood and is finally ready to exact revenge.  Told through the eyes of four of the people present and taking place in both the past and present, Kelly has written a book that's hard to put down.  I couldn't wait to see what secrets would be uncovered and how the story would be resolved. After reading this third novel by Kelly, I have to move her way up on my list of "must read" authors for psychological fiction.  Similar to Ruth Rendell's psychological novels, Sophie Hannah, The Playdate by Louise Millar, and Beneath the Shadows by Sara Foster. The novel will be published next month.

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