Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

David Harwood has moved back to his hometown of Promise Falls with his son, Ethan, and finds himself embroiled in his extended family's problems. While dropping off some meals for his cousin, Marla (who delivered a stillborn baby about a year ago), he discovers that she's taking care of a baby boy, whom, she says, an angel dropped off at her door. Knowing Marla's fragile mental state, he attempts to learn more from her about the situation and is able to trace a baby stroller that was dropped off with the baby to a local family. When Marla and David go to the family's home, they discover a woman has been murdered there. Because she has the child, Marla becomes the chief suspect. David promises his aunt Agnes, Marla's mother, that he will look into the case. Despite believing in Marla's innocence, David has no idea that he's putting himself in danger. With this novel, Barclay returns to the town of Promise Falls, which was featured in some of his earlier novels. Broken Promise is slated to be the first book of a trilogy set there, which might explain why several plot points were left unresolved at the end. Unfortunately, I didn't find the novel as satisfying as Barclay's best work, like Trust Your Eyes.

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