Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay

Ray Kilbride has come back home to Promise Falls after his father, Adam, dies in a lawn mower accident.  Ray's younger brother, Thomas, has schizophrenia and spends his time online, surfing Whirl360, a mapping website that takes him around the world street by street.  Ray worries about how Thomas will do living in a group home, now that their father isn't around anymore.  Ray sees a more serious side to his brother's obsession when Thomas is convinced he's seen someone being murdered in New York City while on Whirl360.  While Ray is skeptical of Thomas' claim, the reader knows that Thomas has seen a crime involving waitress Allison Fitch, who was blackmailing the state's attorney general.  With Thomas pressing Ray to go to New York to check out the scene, the brothers embark on a journey, having no idea what they've gotten themselves into.  In addition, Ray also wonders about his own father's death and if it really was unintentional.  In Trust Your Eyes, Barclay has written another novel that's perfect for readers who enjoy family-driven suspense.  He also throws in a few great surprises...  It will be published in September.

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