Friday, May 18, 2012

A Simple Murder by Eleanor Kuhns

In 1795, Will Rees, a Revolutionary War veteran and widower, returns home to his farm in Maine, which he's left in the hands of his sister and her husband--with the promise that they take care of his son, David. Rees is stunned to discover that David, now 14, has been made to feel unwelcome in his own house and has moved to live with local Shakers. Rees then goes to see how David is doing and is asked to find out who murdered Sister Chastity, a member of the Shaker community.  Rees has had previous experience solving crimes and with help from ex-Shaker Lydia Farrell he makes progress, but also stirs up danger.  In A Simple Murder, Kuhns brings the post-Revolutionary War period to life in this novel filled with interesting characters and a mystery that you want to follow to the end.

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