Monday, August 26, 2013

The Raven's Eye by Barry Maitland

DI Kathy Kolla is mistakenly called to a houseboat where a woman has died of carbon monoxide poisoning. But after surveying the scene, Kathy is not sure that the woman's death was accidental.  Things become even murkier when she discovers that the woman, known to neighbors as "Vicky" was actually Gudrun Kite, whose sister Freyja was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Gudrun's father, Desmond, believes that Freyja was murdered. Kathy and her boss, DCI Brock, have been told to shelve the investigation because of budgetary constraints, along with the belief that no crime has been committed. Instead, Kathy is supposed to focus on impersonating the wife of Jack Bragg, a longtime crime boss, in the hopes of apprehending him. However, Kathy cannot let go of the Kite case, even if it means a secret investigation.  The Raven's Eye is a solid, typical British police procedural.  Suggest it to people who like Deborah Crombie and Peter Robinson.  It will be published in November.

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