Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Never Go Back by Lee Child

Reacher hitchhikes to Washington D.C. to meet Major Susan Turner, the person who helped him in 61 Hours. When he arrives, he discovers that Turner has been arrested on what Reacher knows is a bogus charge.  Her replacement, Lt. Colonel Morgan, informs him that he's being recalled into the army and that he's facing charges of his own. Wondering what's really going on, Reacher decides to break both himself and Turner out of jail in order to clear their names. With unknown people on their trail, Reacher and Turner try to stay one step ahead.  Never Go Back was a pretty average book in the series--the first 80 pages kind of dragged because I have no interest in the different army ranks or the internal politics. However, when Reacher teamed up with Turner, the book's pacing picked up and became more like the Lee Child novels that everyone loves.

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