Sunday, August 18, 2013

After Her by Joyce Maynard

In 1979, sisters Rachel and Patty Torricelli live with their distant mother while their father, a Marin County police detective attempts to uncover the identity of the "Sunset Strangler" who has killed several young women near their home north of San Francisco.  On summer vacation and without any friends, they spend their time exploring Mount Tamalpais and watching shows on their neighbors' televisions while sitting in their backyards. Both girls adore their father and see the strain that the case is putting on him and with Rachel having visions about the murders, they decide their father could use any help he can get.  But things don't work out as they planned...  Even thirty years later and now a successful novelist, Rachel is not able to put her past behind her. Will she be finally be able to set things right?  After Her reminded me of Laura Lippman's The Most Dangerous Thing, but is more leisurely-paced.

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