Sunday, September 28, 2008

Between Here and April by Deborah Copaken Hogan

Elizabeth Burns has traded her life as a journalist who travels to the world's hot spots for one in New York City, living with her husband, Mark, and two daughters. Now, at age 41, she has fluff assignments and a husband completely absorbed in his work. When she faints one evening, memories of her childhood friend, April Cassidy, who disappeared one day, come flooding back. Elizabeth decides to delve into what happened to April and finds that April's mother, Adele, severely depressed, took her two daughters' lives along with her own. What caused Adele to commit this horrible act over thirty years ago? Elizabeth's research into the past (she decides to produce a documentary on the subject) causes her to confront her own current unhappiness along with traumatic events from her upbringing and reporting career. Between Here and April is, at times, an unflinching portrait of marriage and motherhood, yet I could not put it down.

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S. Krishna said...

Wow, this book sounds really interesting and intense