Friday, October 14, 2016

The Trepasser by Tana French

Detective Antoinette Conway does not fit in with her colleagues in the Dublin Murder Squad. She is harassed and doesn't trust any of them. Although Conway is impulsive and suspicious of others, she has a good relationship with her partner, Stephen Moran. Conway, with Moran assisting, finds herself the chief investigator in the murder of Aislinn Murray. They are both displeased, however, to have a third person working with them closely--seasoned detective Breslin. Conway and Moran don't trust Breslin, and throughout the case keep secret some of the information that they have gathered. The prime suspect is Rory Fallon, who had a dinner date at Aislinn's home the night she was killed. Is Rory the killer in a lover's spat gone wrong, or does Breslin's pushing for Rory's arrest indicate a cover-up? In this leisurely-paced sixth book of the Dublin Murder Squad series, French re-teams Conway and Moran from her previous book, The Secret Place. Unfortunately, the mystery did not grip me, and I found Conway to be pretty one-dimensional and an uninteresting character.

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