Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Secret Place by Tana French

It's a year after teenager Chris Harper was murdered on the grounds of St. Kilda's girl's school in Dublin. St. Kilda's student Holly Mackey, comes to police detective Stephen Moran with a postcard that was left on a bulletin board that says, "I know who killed him" (meaning Chris). While Stephen wasn't a detective on the case last year, he gets himself partnered with original detective Antoinette Conway. Moran and Conway go the private school to re-interview a handful of girls, hoping to glean some new information that will lead to finding Chris' killer. Interspersed with their investigation is the story of the months leading up to Chris' death and the stories of the girls who were possibly involved. I had extremely high hopes for this novel because I so enjoyed French's last book, Broken Harbor, but this was a disappointing read for me. I just didn't really care about any of the characters (the high school girls or the detectives) and the mystery did not engage me. It will be published in September.

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