Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Murder of Harriet Krohn by Karin Fossum

Charlo Torp is a compulsive gambler who's made a mess of his life.  His teenage daughter, Julie, won't talk to him, he mourns the death of his wife from leukemia, and he lives in fear because his gambling debts have grown into a large amount of money. Charlo thinks he's found a way to turn his life around-- rob elderly Harriet Krohn. However, his idea doesn't go as he planned and Harriet ends up dead. Charlo pays off his debts, buys Julie the horse she always wanted, and even finds employment, but he can't get the guilt about Harriet out of his mind or the thought that Inspector Sejer is probably on his trail. Will the authorities be able to prove that Charlo was the killer? In this seventh book of the Inspector Sejer series, the investigation takes a back seat to Charlo's own story of culpability and love. It will be published in November.

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