Monday, August 8, 2016

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Ten years ago, Nicolette's best friend, Corinne disappeared. Nicolette has tried to move on, leaving Tyler, her boyfriend, behind, relocating to Philadelphia and getting engaged to Everett, a lawyer from a prominent family. Her brother, Daniel, calls and asks Nicolette to come home to Cooley Ridge, North Carolina, to assist in selling their childhood house to help pay the costs of their father's nursing home, and Nicolette is thrust back into the past. When Tyler's current girlfriend Annaleise goes missing, he immediately comes under suspicion and it makes everyone wonder if there is any connection between the women's disappearances. In addition, Nicolette's father is suffering from Alzheimer's and it appears that he has secrets he can't talk about because of his condition. All the Missing Girls is a psychological novel told with a unique story structure--the action unfolds backwards. It's a good read-alike for Julia Keller's A Killing in the Hills.

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