Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Other Child by Lucy Atkins

Tess, a photographer, moves with her American husband, Greg, from England to Boston so he can take a new job. Greg, a pediatric heart surgeon, is away a lot anyway, but Tess finds it particularly stressful to be alone with her nine-year-old son, Joe, and pregnant as well. Greg had made it clear to Tess that he never wanted children of his own, another complication in Tess' life. Soon, threatening messages begin to appear on the family's doorstep and Tess feels like someone is watching them and may have even been inside their house. Tess also begins to wonder how well she knows Greg and if he might not be entirely truthful about his past... The Other Child is a suspenseful page turner in the style of Close My Eyes by Sophie McKenzie and Until You're Mine by Samantha Hayes.

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