Friday, June 21, 2013

Close by Eyes by Sophie McKenzie

Londoner Gen Loxley still suffers immense grief over the stillbirth of her daughter, Beth, eight years ago.  Her husband, Art, a successful businessman has been able to move on. When a woman named Lucy O'Donnell tells Gen that her baby was born alive and that Art knew about it, Gen believes that she might be telling the truth. After looking through personal papers of hers and Art's, she finds a payment of 50,000 pounds that Art can't account for, which raises Gen's suspicions even more. Gen's journey causes her to revisit the memories of her daughter's death and put her own life (and others') in danger.  In Close My Eyes, McKenzie has written a psychological puzzle filled with doubt, emotion, and perseverance.  A book that you want to gulp down in one sitting because you have to know how it ends.  Give to readers who enjoyed Little Face by Sophie Hannah and Lullaby by Clare Seeber.  It will be published next month.

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