Thursday, June 20, 2013

Crime of Privilege by Walter Walker

Twelve years ago, lawyer George Becket helped cover up a young woman's rape by some acquaintances, who were the relatives of Senator Gregory in Palm Beach. He was rewarded with a job in the district attorney's office in Cape Cod. George has been contacted repeatedly since by someone representing the father of the victim. They wanted him to come clean about the event, but he never did. George is then approached by Bill Telford, whose daughter, Heidi, was murdered nine years ago. Telford believes a member of the Gregory family killed his daughter and that the district attorney's office has disregarded any evidence Telford's brought them. George then decides to look into Heidi's death. His investigation takes him around the world, but he is being shadowed and doesn't know who he can trust. Will George be able to right the wrong in his past? With its setting and aura of wealth and power, Crime of Privilege reminded me of the novels of Nelson DeMille.

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