Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heart of the Home by Gwen Kirkwood

Avril Gray and Dean Scott have been friends since childhood and are thinking about a life together someday. Avril's mother, Ruth, is dying and Avril wonders who will look after her younger half-brothers, Craig and Callum. In addition, Dean's mother, Grizel, disapproves of Avril, and Dean himself worries that he doesn't have anything to offer Avril, especially since her father is a doctor and she has a university degree. Will Avril and Dean be able to overcome the obstacles between them and marry? In this third book in the series (after Dreams of Home and A Home of Our Own), Kirkwood moves into the mid 1960's with her gentle read. While I enjoyed the story,  I miss getting the points of view of some of the characters who featured prominently in the earlier novels, like Megan and Steven. Still featuring the characters as they move through life would give the series added depth.

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