Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Home of Our Own by Gwen Kirkwood

It's 1951 and life is good for Steven and Meg Caraford and their young son, Samuel. Their farm, Schoirhead, is prospering and they have the love and support of their families. Their only worry is that they are secretly farming an elderly neighbors' land in order to help them out, and they hope the authorities don't discover that fact. Steven's mother has also taken in a lodger named Ruth, whose daughter, Avril, was born after Ruth was raped by Steven's nasty half-brother, Fred. Fred has emigrated to Canada, but Ruth still lives in fear of him. In A Home of Our Own, the reader follows the Carafords, their families and friends through their everyday lives in rural southern Scotland over several years. The book is second in the series after Dreams of Home and is a cozy enjoyable read.

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