Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Same Sky by Amanda Eyre Ward

Alice and her husband, Jake, own a very successful BBQ restaurant in Austin. They long for a child, despite having had to return a baby they were close to adopting back to his birth mother. While in Honduras, eleven-year-old Carla scours her town's garbage dump and tries to keep herself and her younger brother safe from violence and the perils two children face living on their own. In alternating chapters, The Same Sky tells the stories of Alice and Carla and how their personal lives happen to intersect. It's a journey of sadness and heartache, but ultimately of hope. I've read all of Amanda Eyre Ward's books and she's finally gotten her groove back with this one. As good as her first two novels, Sleep Toward Heaven and How to Be Lost. It's also a great read-alike for Jodi Picoult and Carla Buckley. It will be published in February.

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