Sunday, December 21, 2014

Before He Finds Her by Michael Kardos

Fifteen years ago, Melanie Denison was Meg Miller, a young girl whose father, Ramsey, murdered her mother, Allison. After the crime, Meg was put into the witness protection program and taken to West Virginia to live with her uncle and aunt. Now, at nineteen, Melanie is beginning to chafe at all the restrictions placed on her by her family and decides to go back to the town of Silver Bay, New Jersey, where she was born. She wants to stop looking over her shoulder all the time and finally know the real story of what happened all those years ago. If she can find her father, Ramsey, who's been on the run since then, that's even better. In his second novel, Kardos takes the reader back in the past, before the crime happened, into the minds of both Ramsey and Allison, and we discover that the truth and what Melanie believes may be two very different things.  It will be published in February.

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