Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd

Annie Delancey has a successful specialty cake business, three grown children, and has been married to her husband, Richard, for almost thirty years. When she receives a letter that Daniel, the son she gave up for adoption thirty-five years ago, wants to meet her, it throws her life into an emotional tailspin, even though it's welcome news. Richard knew about Annie's past, but she never told her children that they have an older half-sibling. Her two daughters, Marsha and Lucy, are fine with the news, but son, Ed, feels his place in the family is threatened, now that he's not the only son. Soon, Daniel's presence and Annie's desire to make up for lost time puts a strain on her marriage. Annie's complicated relationship with her mother, Eleanor, is also pushed to the forefront, because Eleanor was the one that pushed Annie into adoption. Will Annie be able to bring all those that she loves together?  Give to readers who enjoy Joanna Trollope. Tangled Lives will be published in July.

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