Sunday, May 11, 2014

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Jess Thomas' and Ed Nicholls' paths really don't cross, even though she cleans his vacation home.  When Ed sees Jess and her kids (teenager Nicky and math whiz Tanzie) on the side of the road after a disastrous traffic stop, he agrees to drive the family to Scotland so Tanzie can participate in a math exam in hopes of getting enough money to supplement her scholarship to a private school. The family's huge dog Norman is with them, and the car can't go more than 40 miles per hour (because Tanzie gets carsick), so everyone gets to know each other quite intimately, especially Jess and Ed.  Ed, however, is facing the possibility of prison time for insider trading and is upset about his father's imminent death from cancer. Told through the eyes of Jess, Ed, Nicky, and Tanzie, the reader feels every emotion of these characters and roots for everyone's lives to have a happy ending.  It will be published in July.

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