Sunday, July 14, 2013

Siege by Simon Kernick

Terrorists descend on the Stanhope Hotel in London, taking hostages and killing several hotel employees.  In the novel, the reader is introduced to manager Elena, a Polish immigrant just recently engaged.  We also meet hotel guests, Martin Dalston, who has inoperable cancer and has come to the Stanhope to commit suicide, Floridian vacationer Abby Levinson, her son Ethan, and the mysterious Scope whose presence at the hotel might be unwelcome to the terrorists--Fox,Wolf and their colleagues. Will the authorities be able to rescue the hostages and keep the bad guys from blowing up the hotel?  In Siege, Kernick has written a suspenseful book with a cast of likable characters and pretty much non-stop action, since the book takes place in less than a day.  A superb thriller that's a great read-alike for Lee Child.

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