Monday, July 22, 2013

Lethal Treasure by Jane Cleland

Josie Prescott and her boyfriend, Ty, have become friends with Leigh Ann and her husband, Henri, who are new to Rocky Point, New Hampshire.  Leigh Ann and Henri have an interior design business in town and their paths frequently intersect with Josie's.  Josie owns an auction house and is always looking for antiques and collectibles to sell, while Leigh Ann and Henry often hunt for items for their jobs.  Then Henri disappears and Leigh Ann is frantic with worry, hoping that he's OK. Ultimately, he is discovered murdered in a storage unit he had just bought for its contents.  Josie wonders who would want Henri dead and if the items in the locker have anything to do with his death. Given Josie's expertise with antiques, she is asked to assist the police with their investigation--but will her help put her in harm's way? An enjoyable entry in the Josie Prescott series.

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