Saturday, April 6, 2013

Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo

An Amish family's buggy is involved in a hit and run accident and all the occupants are killed, except for a young boy. Chief of Police Kate Burkholder struggles to keep her emotions intact when she discovers that the deceased are the family of her childhood best friend, Mattie.  Things become even more intense when it becomes clear that the driver of the other vehicle hit them deliberately.  Kate is at a loss, both for suspects and a motive for wanting an Amish family dead.  She's also on guard when the remains of the man who raped her as a teenager are found.  Her father and brother had buried him more than fifteen years ago. Kate worries that the authorities will find out her family's role in the man's death.  As if Kate didn't have enough to worry about, she's also feeling pressure from her boyfriend Tomasetti to move in with him. In this the fifth book of the Kate Burkholder series, Castillo writes another story that keeps the reader turning the pages.  I only wish that Kate would get over her hesitation about Tomasetti.  Even though the five books have taken place within a year or so, the reader has had to be patient for over four years with Kate's waffling.  Her Last Breath will be published in June.

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