Friday, March 29, 2013

The Highway by C.J. Box

Teenage sisters Danielle and Gracie are driving from Denver to visit their father in Omaha for Thanksgiving. Danielle decides to make a detour and visit her boyfriend, Justin, in Helena, Montana instead.  Danielle's impulsive choice turns incredibly dangerous when their car breaks down and they are kidnapped by a trucker. The trucker nicknamed "the Lizard King" is a killer who scouts the roads and truck stops for young women he can abduct and torture.  When Danielle doesn't answer Justin's phone call, he immediately is worried that something is wrong, since Danielle is obsessive about him.  Justin asks his father, Cody, a disgraced cop, to try and find out what happened to the girls.  Cody then hits the road to talk to the local police while his ex-partner, Cassie Dewell, stays behind to handle the phone and do research on the internet about any disappearances of young women in the area.  Will they be able to rescue Danielle and Gracie before harm comes to them?  The Highway is the second book to feature the characters of Cody, Justin, Danielle, and Gracie after the superb Back of Beyond.   While I enjoyed the book, Box focuses more on the kidnapper's and Cassie's points of view than the returning characters.  I wonder if he has in mind having them return for another book.  It will be published in July.

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