Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mrs Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn

Despite being England's figurehead, Queen Elizabeth II is feeling a bit down.  She secretly decides to travel to Edinburgh from Buckingham Palace to visit her retired yacht, Britannia.  Dressed in a skull hoodie, she makes her way to the train station.  The close members of her staff are stunned to discover that she's missing and decide to find her on their own, without help from the outside authorities.  There's Shirley (her dresser), Anne (her lady-in-waiting), William (her butler), Luke (her equerry), and Rebecca (from the stables).  They are joined by Rajiv, who works at the cheese shop where the cheddar for the Queen's horses is purchased.  Throughout the ordeal, the reader gets to know these six people intimately, and hopes that their fondness for the Queen will ensure that she will be brought back safe and sound--without a lot of fuss.  Mrs Queen Takes the Train is a delightful novel for anglophiles and people who enjoy character-centered cozy stories like Major Pettigrew's Last Stand ,  Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English, and the books of Maeve Binchy.

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William Kuhn said...

Mrs Queen is most grateful for this kind and generous review. She feels she must have come across Major Pettigrew at a recent Omnium Gatherum for retired members of the armed services. But she cannot be sure.