Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finding Casey by Jo-Ann Mapson

In this sequel to Solomon's Oak, Juniper is now in college and her adoptive parents, Glory and Joseph, have moved into a new home that has a ghost they've named Dolores.  Glory is surprised to find herself pregnant, since she's in her forties--she hopes that it will be trouble-free.  Juniper, meanwhile, still cannot forget her older sister, Casey, who disappeared eight years ago.  Juniper believes Casey's still alive and hopes to someday know what happened to her. Interspersed with the Vigil family's holiday season story is the tale of a young woman named Laurel Smith, who has secretly left a place called the Farm to take her seriously ill daughter to the hospital. Suspicious of everyone because of her own sheltered, isolated life, Laurel hopes that her daughter, Aspen, will get well.  In Finding Casey, Mapson has created a story with a great sense of place in the setting of Santa Fe and characters that are extremely likable and that the reader roots for.

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