Monday, September 10, 2012

The Three-Day Affair by Michael Kardos

Will has been friends with Jeffrey, Nolan and Evan since college and they get together annually for a guys' weekend.  This year, Will is having them over to his house and they plan to catch up and spend time golfing. But things take a terrible turn when Jeffrey kidnaps a teenage girl from a local convenience store and somehow includes both Will and Nolan in his crime.  Being just normal guys, this act puts them totally out of their element and over their heads regarding what to do next.  Wondering if they should let her go, but knowing that doing that will probably ruin their lives has put them in an almost impossible bind.  Over three days, friendships will be tested and lives will definitely be changed....  Several critics have compared the novel to Scott Smith's unforgettable (yes, even after having read it almost twenty years ago) A Simple Plan.  The Three-Day Affair is not as descriptive, but by the end definitely packs the emotional punch of Smith's novel, so it would be a good read-alike.  Also, give it to people who liked Gone Girl and enjoy a story that is more straightforward.

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