Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Wanted Man by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is hitchhiking to Virginia when he's picked up by two men and one woman dressed in similar clothes.  After they go through two police roadblocks and display some unsettling behavior, Reacher realizes that they haven't been truthful with him about who they are and where they've been. The reader knows that Reacher's companions are connected to a man who was murdered in a concrete bunker in rural Nebraska.  The local county sheriff, Victor Goodman, is working alongside FBI agent Julia Sorenson and, as inquiries come in from the CIA, they begin to understand that they are dealing with a possible terrorism situation and that the case might be taken away from them at any moment.  At what point will Reacher and his cohorts collide with the authorities?  The Wanted Man is the latest book in the long-running Jack Reacher series and was an okay read--there's not quite as much action as we're used to in the novels and it feels like a retread of previous plots.  It made me long for the fabulousness of Running Blind and Gone Tomorrow.

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