Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Blackhouse by Peter May

DS Finlay Macleod has been on leave since his young son died in a hit and run. After a month off, his boss gives him an ultimatum:  either quit the force or go to the Outer Hebrides (specifically the Isle of Lewis, where Fin grew up) to see if a murder there is connected to one at their local patch in Edinburgh. The murder victim, Angel Macritchie, turns out to be someone that Fin knew from his childhood.  Soon, Fin is confronted with all his memories, most of them traumatic, of growing up on the island that he thought he put behind him--he's tried to distance himself from the isle by not coming back for over fifteen years.  Fin finds himself having to face the people and events of his past in order to solve the case.  The Blackhouse is the first book in the Lewis Trilogy and immerses the reader in the isolation and traditions of life on the Isle of Lewis.  I'm very interested to see what May explores in the next book.  For reader who like Ann Cleeves' Jimmy Perez series (set in the Shetland Islands) and scandinavian mysteries.  It will be published in October.

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