Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Room Full of Bones by Elly Griffiths

Professor Ruth Galloway, in the midst of planning her daughter Kate's first birthday, is called to the Smith Museum to assist with the opening of a medieval coffin. When she arrives, Ruth is stunned to discover the body of the museum's curator, Neil Topham. The police, including Kate's father DCI Harry Nelson, are called in. Ruth's and Nelson's relationship has been strained since Nelson's wife, Michelle, discovered that Kate was his daughter.  In fact, Nelson has promised Michelle that he won't see either Ruth or Kate anymore. On a professional level, with the autopsy on Topham being inconclusive, Nelson is hesitant to close the case. When Danforth Smith, the owner of the museum dies and threatening letters are found that were sent to both Topham and Smith, the police feel there might be a murderer on the loose. With people angry at Smith for keeping aboriginal skulls, animal rights activists possibly having issues with his horse-training activities, and his own dysfunctional family, there is no shortage of suspects.  A Room Full of Bones is the fourth book in the Ruth Galloway series.  Another enjoyable entry featuring Ruth and her interesting circle of friends.

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