Monday, April 9, 2012

No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie

DI Gemma James and DS Duncan Kincaid are just coming back to London after visiting their families in Somerset to celebrate their recent marriage when Kincaid is called to assist on a case that could end up ending his career. Veteran aspiring Olympic rower Rebecca Meredith is murdered one evening when she's out rowing. Rebecca was also a DCI with the London Metropolitan Police and she accused Deputy Assistant Commissioner Angus Craig of raping her a year ago. Craig denied the allegation and Rebecca's boss asked her to keep quiet and promised he would get Craig to retire. However, Craig didn't until two weeks ago. Kincaid feels he's being asked to only look at Rebecca's ex-husband, Freddy, as a suspect rather than Craig, but he pushes forward with his investigation--considering both Freddy and Craig as likely culprits. With some help from Gemma and his co-worker, Doug, he hopes to find justice for Rebecca. In this latest book in the long-running series, Crombie fills her book with a good mystery and also forwards Gemma's and Kincaid's lives, as well as their children's (Kit, Toby, and their foster daughter, Charlotte).

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