Friday, April 20, 2012

Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder

Sisters Zoe and Sally Benedict have been estranged for over twenty years because of a childhood incident. When teenager Lorne Wood, who was a friend of Sally's daughter, Millie, is found murdered, their paths finally cross again. Zoe is a police detective and is helping investigate Lorne's death. Sally, meanwhile, is struggling financially because of a recent divorce and worries about Millie's well-being. So worried, in fact, that she agrees to work for wealthy David Goldrab despite feeling uneasy around him. Her new job leads her on a darker path than she could have ever imagined. In Hanging Hill, Hayder creates a disturbing novel about two sisters each with their own issues who come together amid a search for a killer. For readers who enjoy Nicci French and The Burning by Jane Casey.

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