Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Wolf by Liza Marklund

Stockholm journalist Annika Bengtzon still has nightmares about being trapped by a killer while working on a previous story. Her latest project is investigating the explosion of a jet on a northern Swedish air base in 1969. When a local reporter who recently wrote a story about the event is murdered, Annika believes she's onto something. Soon, more murders follow and Annika is on the trail of a mysterious terrorist that goes by the alias Ragnwald. At the same time, she's got to take care of her home life, with two children and a husband (Thomas, who finds himself thinking about having an affair). Annika, however, is determined to follow the story to the end despite being told to stop by her boss. While I enjoyed Red Wolf, I felt at times that I was missing something, having not read the previous books in the series, especially The Bomber. I also think the translation at times was disjointed.

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