Monday, May 16, 2011

Death by Cashmere by Sally Goldenbaum

The Seaside Knitters gather each Thursday night at Izzy Chambers knitting shop to eat, knit and converse. There's Izzy, her Aunt Nell, eighty-year-old Birdie and lobsterwoman Cass. When Angie Archer, the knitting store's upstairs tenant, is found dead in the water, tangled in one of Cass' traps, the women have a hard time digesting the news. When the police reveal that Angie was murdered and bring Angie's brother, Pete, in for questioning, it hits even closer to home. Lead by Nell, the woman decide to conduct their own investigation, hoping to be able to put the awful event behind them, so they can move on. With the close bond of friendship between the women and details about knitting and food, Death by Cashmere is the first book in the Seaside Knitters series. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, give it a try.

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