Monday, September 20, 2010

Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

Twelve years ago, private detective Patrick Kenzie returned four-year-old Amanda McCready to her neglectful mother despite his better judgement. Years later he's still haunted by that decision--especially since his former partner (and now wife) Angela Gennaro didn't agree. When a call comes to Patrick from Amanda's aunt saying she's gone missing again, he feels this might be a way to right his past wrong. With Angela's blessing and help, Patrick pursues Amanda. But now with a young daughter themselves, Patrick and Angela have much more at stake than when they were younger, single, and ready to undertake many risks. Will Patrick be able to find Amanda? Moonlight Mile is the latest Kenzie/Gennaro novel after a long absence. It was great to revisit the characters and immerse oneself in Lehane's storytelling. Alas, it feels like this is probably the last book in one of my favorite mystery series... It will be published in November.

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