Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bad Boy by Peter Robinson

DCI Alan Banks is on vacation when a former neighbor, Juliet Doyle, comes to see him at work. Her twentysomething daughter, Erin, has hidden a gun in her childhood bedroom, Juliet explains to Banks' colleagues (DI Annie Cabbot and DS Catherine Gervaise). Possessing a firearm in England is a great offense, so the police send a team to retrieve the gun. The operation goes awry, resulting in tragedy. It also sends Bank's daughter Tracy, who is Erin's roommate, running to Erin's dodgy boyfriend, Jaff, to warn him that Erin took his gun. Jaff is involved in some pretty bad things that now ensnare Tracy. Will Banks, now returned, and his colleagues be able to bring Tracy home safely? Bad Boy is the latest book in this usually solid series. Unfortunately, the plot of this mystery is slight. My hope is that maybe Robinson had wanted instead to push the lives of his major characters forward.

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