Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

Sarah is a wedding planner who's lost faith in love after having her heart broken years ago. All of Sarah's skills are put to the test when she finds she has two weddings on the same day--her sister Lily's and that of Carrie Condy, a famous actress. Luckily, she has the help of her friends, Elsa (a dress designer) and Bron (a hairstylist) to provide moral support and to assist in their respective fields. Their personal lives aren't going so well, either. Elsa is single and Bron lives with her possessive boyfriend, Roger. Sarah has to admit, at least to herself, that she's attracted to Hugo, the photographer she sometimes works with at weddings. When Bron leaves Roger, is there a chance that all three women will find love like they help celebrate? Again, Katie Fforde has written a novel of cozy friendships and romance. Wedding Season has not yet been published in the U.S.

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