Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Third Degree by Greg Iles

Laurel Shields life hasn't been the same since she and Danny McDavitt ended their affair weeks ago. Laurel finds herself pregnant, not knowing if the father is Danny or her husband, Warren. One morning, Warren finds a letter, evidence of Laurel's affair. He goes completely crazy, barricading himself in their home with her. Warren insists that Laurel must tell him the name of her lover. Laurel resists, not wanting any harm to come to Danny. It's obvious that Warren has gone off the deep end--is he upset only about the affair or also some fraud problems with his medical practice? Soon, it becomes a hostage situation with their two children involved. Will the police be able to bring the episode to a peaceful end? Third Degree was not up to the level of most of Iles' other thrillers. The characters of Laurel and Danny aren't all that likable (the descriptions of their love for each other was corny) and there's not enough going on in the plot to sustain a 400 page book. For a great page turner by Iles, try 24 Hours or Dead Sleep.

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