Sunday, November 4, 2007

Spider Trap by Barry Maitland

In London's West Indian community, two teenage girls are shot to death and DS Kathy Kolla and DCI David Brock are assigned the case. Soon after, a boy discovers three skeletons close to the murder scene and it appears that the same gun was used in both crimes. Interestingly enough, the bones turn out to be more than twenty years old. Brock wonders if the deaths are the work of an old enemy, Spider Roach, whom he has been trying to put behind bars for years. With Kathy and Brock working hard to put the pieces together, more and more people become entangled in the web. In Spider Trap, Maitland delves into the politics and culture of Jamaican immigrants, just as he has examined subjects as diverse as the theater in All My Enemies and life inside a shopping mall in Silvermeadow (these are my two favorites). The Brock and Kolla mysteries are similar to Peter Robinson's Inspector Banks series.

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