Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult

The small town of Sterling, New Hampshire is rocked by a shooting at the high school. Bullied student Peter Houghton takes revenge by killing ten students and injuring many others. His former childhood friend, popular girl, Josie Cormier is spared, but has no memory of the shootings. Her mother, Alex, a superior court judge, probably will preside over Peter's trial. The novel revolves around these three characters delving into the past from when Peter and Josie were young up until the day of the shooting and the trial afterwards. Picoult has again created a novel hard to put down with in-depth characters and a compelling story. This book will also appeal to teens.

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Daszzle said...

I absolutely adore Jodi Picoult. I admire her bravery to tackle some pretty heavy issues. Nineteen Minutes is one of the few I have yet to read. I'm not sure if you've ever read "My Sister's Keeper," by the same author, but if you have, how do you think they compare? Is one better?

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