Friday, March 30, 2007

Con Ed by Matthew Klein

After a recent stint in prison, con artist Kip Largo works a $10/hour job at a dry cleaner, trying to stay straight . One day he's approached by the wife of a Las Vegas real estate magnate to help her steal a great deal of money from her husband. At first he refuses, but when his son Toby comes to him and says he owes money to a Russian mobster, Kip realizes he must set up a con to save his son's life. Con Ed is a humorous novel that keeps you guessing about where the scam is going and who can really be trusted. The book is filled with details of real cons and was a lot of fun--except for a plot point at the end of the novel that I saw coming.


Sheila said...

Hi. I found this review by chance, right after my husband asked me to get him a copy!
Sounds good. Maybe I'll read it when he's finished.
I moderate an online book club for Toronto Public Library.
What's your opinion on this for a book club choice?

Lora Bruggeman said...
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Lora Bruggeman said...

Thanks for your comment. While I really enjoyed the book, I'm not sure that there's enough to discuss, unless you have done mysteries or popular fiction in the past.