Friday, January 6, 2017

The Hollow Men by Rob McCarthy

In his job working as a doctor for the London Metropolitan Police, Harry Kent is called to the scene of a hostage situation. Teenager Solomon Idris is holed up in a fast food restaurant with a gun and appears really sick, so the authorities want Harry to go in and assess his condition. While in there, Solomon reveals that he has taken everyone hostage because of Keisha, but before he can reveal more, Solomon is critically injured. Harry along with DI Frances Noble finds himself delving into Solomon's life to find out what would cause him to commit such a desperate act. Along the way, Harry's life, along with others', are put in serious danger as the truth is uncovered. While The Hollow Men, the first book in a projected trilogy featuring Harry Kent, isn't a police procedural, its frame and pacing make it feel like one. It's also a good choice for readers who enjoy British mystery novels and are looking for a new author.

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