Thursday, June 30, 2016

Here's to Us by Elin Hilderbrand

When celebrity chef Deacon Thorpe dies of a heart attack, he leaves behind three ex-wives and lots of debt. As the family gathers at the summer cottage on Nantucket where everyone had spent time throughout the years, they learn that Deacon left the cottage to all three women and they wonder if they will be able to keep it in the family. Laurel was Deacon's high school sweetheart and the mother of Hayes, who travels the world, but is battling a drug problem. Oscar-winning actress Belinda was his second wife. She and Deacon adopted a daughter, Angie, from Australia. Angie and Deacon were great friends and worked together in Deacon's restaurant, The Board Room. At the time of his passing, Deacon was married to Scarlett, who was employed by the family as Angie's nanny years ago. With everyone staying in the house as they prepare to scatter Deacon's ashes and say their final goodbyes, jealousy, anger, and secrets all come to the surface. Here's to Us is classic Hilderbrand, filled with details of island life, sumptuous descriptions of food, and an in-depth portrait of family relationships.

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