Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Run You Down by Julia Dahl

Pessie Goldin's death is assumed to be suicide, but her husband believes she was murdered. However, since they come from an ultra-Orthodox community which forbids an autopsy, the police have let the case go cold. Reporter Rebekah Roberts finds herself meeting with Pessie's husband and agreeing to look into the case, since she's familiar with the Hasidic community and recently had success with a similar case. Rebekah comes face to face with her own past when it appears that her uncle Sam, whom she has never met, has a connection to Pessie. He is the brother of Rebekah's mother, Aviva, who left Rebekah with her father when she was a baby and disappeared. Will Rebekah find justice for Pessie and also be reunited with her mother? Run You Down is the second book in the Rebekah Roberts series and was just a so-so read, because the story was so similar to the mystery in the first book. It will be published next month.

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